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A little present for myself

Sometimes you sit and think to yourself... "I really deserve a nice gift"!

(Oké... maybe it sounds more like "I need some shopping!")

How often do you spend your time on shopping? Do you shop with a budget or just by how you feel? (...and how much is left on your bank account).

There are so many Webshops that sell the coolest looks, prettiest shoes and the most sparkling jewelry. It's almost impossible to stick to a budget right? Shopping just gives you that little positive boost, that self confidence!

What you should do is smart shopping!

We have summarized a few pretty earring pieces in silver and gold that would make your day feel good (and especially your wallet).

  1. Luna Hoops Gold

Meet our Luna Hoops. Elegant 1/2 hoop earrings filled with white zirconia stones. Very light and comfortable to wear. Available in 925 silver and 18k Gold plated.

Euro 35,00

2. Serana Hoops in Gold & Silver

Sparkling stars will brighten your day. These elegant golden earrings have a special oval hoop design and are filled with white zirconia love stones. Tip: check our Stelle studs and match these two earrings together!

Euro 35,00

3. Nina Hoops Silver

Cute, thin and comfortable to wear. The perfect mini hoop earrings with a small white zirconia stone. Available only in silver.

Euro 20,00

4. Ladora Hoops Silver

Cute little hoops for you! Our Ladora Hoops are thin hoops with a twist design. Part of our new summer collection and ready for some summery days! Available in silver and 18k Gold Plated.

Euro 20,00

Complete your look with just a simple little ear cuff! You don't need to have a piercing for this, it's just click & go!

The favorites ear cuffs

Euro 10,00 per ear cuff

See more ear cuffs that would match your look!


Lots of love,


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