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The Brand

Rosmolino originated and started in 2018 out of love for silver earrings and the dream to create a new jewellery line for women. Rosmolino Jewellery offers high quality Sterling Silver & 18k Gold Plated earrings which are skin friendly, light in weight, nickel and lead free. We work together with an Italian designer and offer a limited selection of new designs to keep our collection unique.

Our Creativity & Drive

Our dream was to create a new style of earrings that sparks joy for women. We were searching for something of high quality and with modern designs. The most important thing for us is to show women a new style of earrings that they will love and which they can wear for a very long time. Shopping earrings is just a wonderful feeling and that is why we put a lot of love and warmth into it every day to make you happy with your order! We want to give you this pampered feeling as soon as you unwrap and wear our earrings! Our greatest drive remains to design earrings of higher quality, which do not feel heavy and also stand out beautifully!

The Quality & Difference

All our earrings have a very special design which keeps the earrings light in weight. Chunky looks but light as a feather! All earrings come in small quantities so when you see "almost sold out" you need to be fast! We design earrings that can be combined with an elegant black dress and heals but also with baggy pants and your favorite pair of sneakers – That’s Rosmolino. Jewellery for every Style. 

Creative Director & FOunder Rosmolino Je
Fabienne - Owner & Founder of Rosmolino Jewellery

Years of education, creative studies and living in a foreign country made me realize and hit the point of  “and now I am going to pursue my dream!”. I have always been crazy about earrings and buying them with the biggest smile I had, so why not create my own unique brand? A brand which gives you that feeling of "I want to wear them all"!

The brand and name Rosmolino originated from my Dutch (father) and Italian (mother) side and the underlying meaning of the family name which means '' perseverance '' and '' driving force ''. I still wanted to bring the pride of my family and my Italian roots into this brand and so it became a beautiful completed picture!

Creating the brand Rosmolino isn’t only for sharing our beautiful collection with you but to hear your story as well. We would love to know what your passion and dreams are in life and we hope to come together and help each other feeling more powerful, fierce and beautiful.

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